Choose Quality Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from Thailand

Choose Quality Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry from Thailand

The hillside tribes of northern Thailand have become famous for their exquisite taste and ability to create stunning silver jewelry. These people are responsible for the country’s growing, and well-deserved, reputation as being a source of high-quality, wholesale, sterling silver jewelry from Thailand. Thailand’s culture produces beautiful textiles, intricate art, and world-famous cuisine.
Now silver jewelry is beginning to enjoy popularity as a cultural icon as well. Luckily, Thailand has a company that sells exquisite wholesale, sterling silver jewelry from Thailand online to dealers and jewelry-lovers all across the globe. Karen Silver Design name is representative of the jewelry-making skill and talent of the hillside tribes.

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Wide Variety of Jewelry Designs

The creative talent and skill of this Thailand company are apparent from the moment you begin to browse through their extensive, online inventory of earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, bangles, rings, anklets and accessories.
The designs incorporate other precious metals and gems into their unique designs, including jade, pearls and gold. Filling your store with the exceptional work of Thai artisans will raise the reputation of your store and increase its traffic and sales.

Easy Payment and Shipping Terms

Karen Silver Design offers a completely modern buying and shipping experience with an easy to use payment platform and several shipping options.
You can choose to ship in bulk and save money by using the 15-30 day delivery option from DHL. This option charges you by weight. The more you buy, the lower your bulk rate per piece will be. For fast delivery on special orders, they also offer a 3-4 days Express Delivery option that ensures satisfaction for your valued customers.
In all the payment and delivery options, transactions are insured, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Buying exquisite wholesale silver jewelry from Thailand has never been easier.