Choose the Right Early Learning Centre in Bangkok

In 2017, England drafted and accepted the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) education program, a program that provided a blueprint for all English children’s education until age five. The EYFS program has been highly regarded for its emphasis on early child development during its brief existence. In fact, despite being an English program, it is being followed and adhered to by schools around the world, including early learning centres in Bangkok.


Early learning centres in Bangkok that follow the EYFS are not only popular with children of one or more British parents; many Thai and international parents enroll their children in schools with EYFS programs to provide their children with a well-rounded developmental education. The start reality is that local education options are typically not up to an international standard.


The EYFS program revolves around teaching students in a play-based learning environment. They learn concepts like social skills and personal expression with the intent of working with teachers to discover which learning styles work best for them.  By finding the information at a young age, teachers can better tailor activities and exercise to work with the child’s learning style and address any deficiencies they may have.


Because of the abundance of early learning centres in Bangkok that follow the EYFS system, it is important to visit any school under consideration and get a feel for each school’s learning environment and teaching staff.  Considering a child will spend most of their day at the school, it is beneficial to make sure your child is comfortable there.  


It is also suggested to make sure the teachers on staff have the right training and certifications to follow the EYFS program as it is intended. Teachers are vital to students’ growth in the EYFS program as they work closely with each student daily.