Flying High with Your Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Smooth Skies


About to embark on an airborne adventure with your little one? Travelling with toddlers on a plane might sound like you’re preparing for a mission to Mars, but fear not! With a sprinkle of planning and a dash of patience, you can make this experience a good one. Let’s navigate through some tried-and-tested tips to ensure a smooth flight.

  1. Pack Smart

Think of your carry-on as your magical Mary Poppins bag. Pack snacks, a change of clothes, diapers, wet wipes, and don’t forget the all-important pacifier or a favourite toy. Make a list ahead of time so you don’t leave any essential thing behind.

  1. Pre-Flight Preparations

Pre-book everything you can, from seats to special meals. Aisle seats near the front give you easy access for those inevitable “I need the loo” moments. Familiarise yourself with airport layouts and children’s facilities here.

  1. Airport Amusement

Airports are fascinating places for toddlers. Turn waiting time into a game like spot the different types of luggage, count the planes, or search for the funniest travel hat.

  1. Boarding Strategy

Some swear by early boarding to get settled; others prefer to minimise plane time. Find what works for you. If you’re flying solo with your toddler, don’t shy away from asking flight attendants for help.

  1. Keep ‘Em Entertained

Variety is your friend. Colouring books, storybooks, and a tablet loaded with favourite shows can be lifesavers. Remember, new toys or books can hold their attention longer.

  1. Snack Strategy

Snacks can be a great distraction. Go for less messy, easy-to-eat options. Time your snack distribution so it lasts through the flight

  1. Ear Pressure Ease

Takeoff and landing can be tough on little ears. Encourage swallowing a drink or chewing a snack or candy, or sucking on a pacifier to easy painful ear pressure.

  1. Keep Your Cool

Children pick up on your energy. Stay calm and relaxed, and chances are, your mini-me will mirror that.

  1. Be Apologetic, Not Embarrassed

Toddlers will be toddlers. If there’s a meltdown, an apologetic smile to fellow passengers goes a long way.

Remember, every parent on that plane has been or will be in your shoes. With a bit of prep and a lot of deep breaths, you’ll be a sky-high parenting pro in no time. Happy travels!