One of the Most Favorite Things to Do in Vientiane

One of the Most Favorite Things to Do in Vientiane

Seeing Vientiane by day is certainly worthwhile. There are many cultural and historical attractions to visit in the city that will give you a glimpse into the past and present of the city and country. But once the day of sightseeing comes to an end, one of the best things to do in Vientiane is simply to take a stroll down along the banks of the Mekong River. 

Life Along the River

There’s a promenade along the river bank that’s a popular spot to watch the sunset. Many Vientiane residents make it their after-work destination to relax, watch the sun go down over the river, and maybe get a bite to eat from the many food vendors in the nearby Vientiane Night Market. 

You’ll get a chance to see the sights and taste the street food of Laos while you stroll through the many vendor stalls. The vendors sell everything from smartphone accessories and makeup to handicrafts and woven silk scarves. 

Prime Location for Restaurants

You’ll also find some of the best and liveliest restaurants down along the river. Some of them will be located in beautifully restored French-provincial homes and buildings. The restaurant scene down in this prime area is also home to western restaurants and bars. If you’re getting a little homesick for the taste of a burger or pizza, this is the place to head after dark in the city.

There will often be gentle breezes that blow in off the river, making it a pleasant place to just walk around and discover the Lao way of life. It will also be a place to see Lao regular citizens taking it easy and enjoying each other’s company.