Trust Face Recognition Algorithms to Increase Security

Companies with a high level of public traffic in their facilities can increase their security by employing face recognition algorithms. These algorithms use your facility’s security cameras to identify individual faces in a crowd. They do this by measuring specific facial characteristics like the width of the eyes, the shape of the face, length of the nose, and many other characteristics to create a digital ‘picture’ of the face. They can then store this data in a server or online in a cloud setup. 

Facial recognition algorithms can then sort these digital images into different groups. They can differentiate employees from customers, for example, and also input data from police and security agencies to identify known criminals if they enter your facilities. They provide an extra level of safety and security for companies that deal with high-value items.

Face Recognition

High-Res Camera Systems Are Key

The fact that they measure small details in human faces means that the higher the resolution of your camera system, the better the face recognition algorithms can perform their job. Before installing a face recognition system in your facility, be sure to get the minimum camera resolution data from the system vendor. 

But with small cameras offering excellent resolution becoming less expansive as technology improves, any camera system purchased in the last ten years should be able to deliver quality results.

Different Uses for Facial Recognition

Face recognition technology can be applied to other areas of business besides security. It’s become a valuable tool for identifying high-spending customers who can be given a higher level of service. It is also useful for your human resources department to serve as a type of virtual time-clock. The system can identify staff members to ensure that they’re on the premises during working hours and in the right places.  

With the many benefits and uses of face recognition algorithms, they can be an added plus to any large retail company.